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Error in Quran 86:7?

Introduction I’ve been hearing that Christians often say that this verse is an error. But myself I highly doubt it is error and what amazes me is that they are persistent into this and they literally believe it is error. I’m gonna examine and see if what they say is true or false claim. QuranContinue reading “Error in Quran 86:7?”

Error in Quran 18:86?

Introduction This kind of claim that sun set in murky pool and alegate to us that it is a scientific error and they say that Sun does not set anywhere. The origins of this claim is from Christians of course who loves to gain fame and popularity. This will be the greatest refutation. Quran Until,Continue reading “Error in Quran 18:86?”

Quran 9:103

Introduction Ali Sina believes that this ayah justifies his claim that prophet Muhammad is cult leader and I totally disagree with him and I’m gonna refute his claim. Because, I see in his book that he uses strawman. And that is not a myth, because he used the term Wahhabism and the idea of literalContinue reading “Quran 9:103”

Answering the Protestant Christians

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